Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Other animals at the homestead

I suppose it's time to introduce formally the animals that are actually AT the homestead instead of the ones that aren't. SO...without further ado...


This is Oberon, my almost year old Doberman baby. He's instact still, and an absolute love. The nasty looking collar actually doesn't hurt him in the least, but it saves the Wannabe Farmwife's arms and legs and back from being dragged down the road because this boy is BIG (roughly 80 lbs at last tally) and still filling out, so when something catches his attention that his training (which is coming along quite nicely) cannot handle, the Wannabe Farmwife doesn't get her arm ripped off in the process.

This is Oberon and the asthmatic cat named Baby Kitty (no, the Wannabe Farmwife did NOT name him), that we adopted from my parents to keep the mice population down in the house (we live in the woods, and mice happen). Contrary to how this photo looks, Baby Kitty and Obie get along great, much better than Obie and Tikka, who is featured in the next photo.

Tikka, though she looks approximately the same size as Obie in this photo, is a small-medium Terror *ahem* I mean, Terrier cross. I'm not sure quite what she is, but I believe there's Jack Russel and something else in there, whatever it is, can be downright evil.

For a size comparison, Obie is 8 weeks old in this photo, and Tikka is 3. Tikka was holding still and paying attention only because the container on the right is the T-R-E-A-T container, which she knows and loves very well.

Actually, Tikka is a love for most people as long as they are not small darting children which make her nervous. She is extremely food/possession aggressive with anyone who she deems beneath her in pack order, which seems to be anyone except me. I've been working with her for 3 years now and it doesn't seem to be getting much better, if any, so...we'll keep trying, but for now it's a management issue.

Other than the boys, 3 of them, who don't really feature as animals on this homestead, though there are days when I'd certainly like to classify them as such, there are really only the fish, which are 3 in number (suspiciously) and all bettas. No, I have no pictures of them as they really don't take very well through glass bowls. But we have a blue betta, a red betta, and a blue and white half-moon betta (go Penn State!).

Those are the animals that exist on the homestead in it's current state. Not much of a homestead...yet....

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